Collecting Contact Information from Website Visitors

Imagine you’re on a great website and ready to contact the business. Maybe the business was referred to you by a friend and you want to hire them. CLICK! You go to their contact page and find you either need to register as a user or they have a contact form that demands so much information you’re uncertain if you’re giving away your first born or access to the last ten years of your tax records! Do you register or leave?

If you’ve heard someone speak on the merits of collecting contact information, you may think “the more the better” or that registering prospects helps convert them to business.  But what happens when web savvy visitors have well founded concerns about  the dangers of giving out their information online? You are probably finding it’s getting more difficult to convert weary web users who are tired of registering on sites only to have their email boxes fill with special offers and SPAM! Have you noticed this quest to collect information isn’t working any more?

Business websites still need to obtain contact data, yet make collection as effortlessly as possible for their visitors.

Offer Prospects Options.  State your contact information for “snail” mail, telephone, fax, and email on your site. If your job is made easier by collecting information before you speak with a customer, then provide an extended form as an OPTION.

Ditch the Login. Nothing makes a customer or client evaporate faster than having to register to work with you. Consumers expect to login to a secure shopping cart in order to complete a product purchase, however it’s a big turn off to complete the process to request services online.

Give to Get. Have a giveaway in order to get people to give up their email address or other contact information. The giveaway can be a newsletter subscription, a free podcast or mp3, a special report, or a free e-book.

Keeping it simple and offering a resource to your web visitors won’t scare them away. You’ll find visitor will stay and explore when you make it easy for them! When you work with Design to Spec, our goal is to make this a simple process that’s as easy for you as it is for your web visitors.