Are you ready to launch a website and want responsive mobile web design?
Do you want a website that will be mobile friendly on smart phones and pads?
How old is your website? Is it time to convert to a responsive website?

Yes, it’s time to convert to a responsive website design. No longer worry about losing customers because your old website doesn’t work well on smart phones or pads. Design to Spec is a CT website design company that converts your current website to a mobile friendly responsive website or launch your new WordPress website as a responsive web design.

Even if you haven’t heard of responsive website design, it’s likely you’ve already used a responsive website. Responsive website design re-sizes a website or blog to fit on smaller screens like smart phones and pads. Ideally they should also push the most important functions to the top, like having a hot, live telephone link so phone users can simply click and call. See how much easier it is to get customer contact? Google’s search now favors responsive websites.

Responsive Websites Resize to the Device

Responsive Website Design for compute and smart phones