Design to Spec LLC is a CT website design studio that builds microsites for entrepreneurs and marketing agencies.  Microsites are an effective means to promote a business or fundraising venture.

What is a Microsite?

A Googles search reveals it’s “An auxiliary website with independent links and address that is accessed mainly from a larger site.” This means that it’s a website that functions on it’s own URL (web address) and either is used on it’s own for marketing purposes or functions alongside a larger website on a different URL.

Why do I need a microsite?

A microsite focuses web visitor’s attention on what you want them to see. Your clients and customers won’t be distracted by the larger content on a main website. When web visitors can focus, you narrow their path to the call to action you want them to take!

Who needs a microsite?

Microsites are perfect internet solutions for book titles, productions, unique products, special offers, fundraising, and non-profit events.

What are the benefits of a microsite?

SELL a product, SELL services, SELL tickets
Bolster ONLINE SALES on other websites (ebay, iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo)

What’s an example of a microsite?

Design to Spec was contacted by 2 songwriters in Westport, CT. Their song had been played on NPR “Car Talk” and suddenly people wanted to know more about them and wanted to know how to buy the song. They needed a web presence. Their microsite was launched and it had just one job– promote the song.  They garnered media attention from CNN and Today, and they sold the song on iTunes.

Do you build microsites using WordPress?


Do microsites have SEO? Will it get into Google?

SEO will be in place that assists Google and the other search engines to find your content and return it when a search occurs. The Google search engine loves good quality information and links that connect information.

Contact Vanessa at Design to Spec to get started on your website project. Do you have questions? That’s OK because we can answer them!