WordPress Coaching

Have you Googled for an 800 number for WordPress?
Have you looked for LIVE HELP for any website service?
Then you’re already looking for a live Coach!

Have you started using WordPress and can’t figure out how do it? I can coach you through WordPress so you avoid common mistakes and have a beautiful functioning WordPress business website.

The Pitfalls of D.I.Y. Websites

First-time users who D.I.Y. websites can end up with…

  • Hours invested that could be better spent elsewhere
  • Content on pages that looks great on a computer but odd on a phone
  • Poor performance in Google searches
  • A dead blog (only old blog posts or none at all )
  • Missed customer contact opportunities
  • Contact forms that don’t work
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Slow to VERY SLOW website
  • Unprofessional appearance of images
  • Increased probability of becoming a victim of hacking
  • Surprise when parts of their WordPress site don’t work with each other
  • Lost website {GASP!}

How Coaching Works

WordPress is meant to provide website management for Joe Average or Jane Average. You want to do D.I.Y and you want to do it RIGHT. This means that WordPress Coaching is right for you.

  • Speak with an experienced web professional. Vanessa Wood has worked with JUST WordPress and associated plugins and services for more than ten years. (Meet Your Coach)
  • Easily schedule website coaching session(s) where you and your coach will speak by phone in front of your own computer. The coach will walk you through set-up and troubleshooting.
  • Purchase the amount of time you need. Have you hit one small snag? Need on-going coaching? Need to set up a shopping cart?
  • Set a coaching session at a time that works for you.

Your Website Coaching Call

When you click our Book Now you’ll be be directed to the request form.

Please be sure to provide a phone number where we will be able to reach you on the day and time scheduled. And don’t forget your AREA CODE.

Know your time zone! When you schedule the dates and time choices are in the Eastern US time zone (EST). For example, if you schedule a 8:30 am appointment and live in Los Angeles… you will receive a 5:30 am phone call!

Be ready to work. We will be looking at your website and you should be in front of a computer with Internet access.

“I Look forward to working with you!”
Vanessa Wood