For Security Update to WordPress 4.7.2

I’ve heard from several clients who’ve been hacked at the beginning of 2017.  These hacking attempts run the gambit — from the installation of malware to the total take down of a website. Who’s behind the hacking– who knows!

There are numerous openings for hacking but one of the top ways to protecting hacking of your WordPress website is to keep the WordPress software updated. If you have GoDaddy WordPress hosting they are doing this update for you so you can relax. If you’re hosting your WordPress site on ordinary GoDaddy hosting or another hosting service, it will need to be updated. If you aren’t sure how to do this give me a call and Design to Spec can set up your site for updates.

Still not sure if your WordPress software is up to date? Log in to your dashboard. The word DASHBOARD is at the top of the page. Find the AT A GLANCE box which by default is in the top left corner of the dashboard page. At the bottom of this box it will tell you which version of WordPress software is in use. The most current is 4.7.2.

If you’d like to know more about WordPress hacking visit Sucuri’s blog (

The Top 5 Reasons Mobile Friendly Websites Really Generate More Leads

design-to-spec-mobile-friendlyDesign to Spec wants you know why converting to mobile friendly websites is a must because it’s a significant step toward greater lead generation. Mobile ready websites (ie Responsive Websites) can draw more quality visitors to your website and convert visitors into more leads.  It all boils down to 5 simple facts Continue reading “The Top 5 Reasons Mobile Friendly Websites Really Generate More Leads”

Tired of the Ring of Those Google Plus Local Listing Calls?


Is your phone ringing off the hook with those calls that begin “Our records show you have not updated your free Google (business) listing.” Ugh! Please be aware that they may hint at being Google, but it’s highly unlikely that Google would be calling you.

I’ve experienced and have heard complaints that the calls are annoying because of their frequency. They’re also hard to pin down– they use multiple phone numbers from various states. If you do business in multiple states, even with caller ID, you may be tempted to answer the call from an out of state location.

If you have call blocking you can try blocking them. The use of multiple phone numbers makes it hard to block… block one number and they’ll only use a different number.

Are they selling? Are they phishing? Are they scamming? Who knows! My gut feeling is when someone goes out of their way to “hint” that they are someone else and go to great lengths to disguise their phone number– well, it just feels like they’re up to no good so I’m not interested in what’s behind the mask.

The one thing they do that I think is really vile. They pray upon the fear of business owners that they are missing out on a key piece of marketing on the Internet, or perhaps their website won’t perform well in Google searches. When website owners hear “Google” mentioned they freak out because they know the importance of being found in the search engines.

Take a deep breath. You’re not missing out. Engaging with these callers will not enhance your Internet presence.

WordPress User’s Look at Google’s New Search and the End of the Keyword Tool

google-newsI’m already being asked if Google’s latest changes will effect WordPress sites. The 2 big changes in the Google search and SEO stats are spurring a flurry of posts online that make it sound like it’s the end of the Internet.

Before you start fearing that the sky is falling and looking for a stainless-steel umbrella, take a deep breath because your current WordPress SEO and keywords are still in place and are still being used by Google (and other search engines) to index your site..

Here’s what’s up…

The first, is the Encrypted Private Searching. Google announced on 9/24 that ALL Google searches will now be encrypted. For Average Joe and Average Jane who go to Google to search it now happens on a secure screen. Go ahead and try it. Go to in your browser. When you click “enter” you’ll now be on a page that begins HTTPS. It’s secure and encrypted.

Just like a credit card transaction on Amazon, PayPal, or any other secure shopping cart, your Google search is secure and private. What goes to Google, stays at Google.

The Second, the end of the Keyword Tool. This tool was a fav of WordPress bloggers and anyone who wanted to see how the general population searched the web. No names disclosed, just keyword and key phrase stats. It was a great tool to find SEO keywords or for bloggers to find phrases to sprinkle in their posts. Google’s changes have been in the works for quite a while. The bottom line is probably the bottom line—Google is a publicly traded company and their objective is to make money. Their means of making money is through advertising, so they have become even more focused on keywords for Google ads.

The Keyword Tool has been replaced by the Keyword Planner Tool which is a bit different because it’s based on per-click advertising — most folks already know that clicking to get to a web page or blog post is a different maneuver than clicking on an ad. Therefore this tool is not relevant for the webmaster who wants to choose keywords to drive traffic to a site or pages within the site.

How Are 1 and 2 Connected? 
Google searches are now completely encrypted and private. Because they are secure, Google is taking the privacy high-road– they will not share search stats with website owners, bloggers, or web marketers even though there is no identifying or personal information attached to these stats.

Google is continuing to provide a search engine. Your keywords will still be used by ALL the search engines. The “panic in the streets” is over the fact that there is  no longer a Google tool that tells you if you’re selecting key words that are highly searched.

“Do I need to change my Google keywords?”
Not today.