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5 Steps to Choosing YouTube Videos for WordPress Blogs

Videos are an entertaining way to communicate what you like and what you want to talk about  on your blog or website. YouTube, Vimeo and other sharing sites can help you add content to your site and show off what you do. So, my next few posts are going to be all about getting videos onto WordPress.

Choosing the Right Video on YouTube


There are millions of videos on YouTube. So much to watch, but which one to choose? Let’s look at 5 steps to finding the right video.

1. The Search Bar. Conveniently located at the top of YouTube is a search field. Type in a subject (person, place or thing) and you’ll be surprised how many choices you’ll have. If you’re searching for your business website you’ll probably find there are videos made by your suppliers, manufacturers, similar though non-competing professionals, and sheer entertainment on a subject that mirrors your business.

2. How Long? At the bottom of the video window are 2 numbers: how far you’re into the video and the total length of the video. You don’t want to bore your audience so try to select videos no more than 3 minutes long.

3. Watch the Video. Click the arrow and watch the video. The whole thing. Don’t get blind-sided by posting a video that goes, off topic, or has poor visual or sound quality. Also, listen. If the video uses copyrighted music or other material it may be taken down by YouTube. They you’ll have an embarrassing blank spot on your blog where the video should be!

4. When Was the Video Posted? When did it go on YouTube… you need to know if you’re posting the video to be timely and relevant.  The date is a good indicator of how fresh the material is.

5. How Many Views? Just as the date is a good indicator of freshness the number of viewers reflects popularity. More viewers means that the video has been relevant for others. And don’t you want to post a video that your readers will enjoy? There will be some instances where the number of views doesn’t matter, such as when you’re promoting your own YouTube video.

Happy viewing!

Vanessa Wood

I'm Vanessa Wood. I was an early adopter of WordPress and continue to build beautiful WordPress websites in CT. I'm working directly with clients and through marketing agencies to create new highly customized, business WordPress websites. I knit while I'm on hold and listen to punk rock.

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