2 Ways to Share YouTube Videos

share youtube videos on WordPress

Before have a 2 a.m. WordPress crisis thinking you can’t post a YouTube video on your blog… there are 2 ways to share YouTube videos and only one of them will work on WordPress.

Links to Share YouTube Videos

The green arrow in the above image points to a link. This is only a link. It will not show your video on any website or on your WordPress site.  It will only send the user to view the videon on YouTube when clicked. When would you use this? When sending out an email or e-newsletter.

Put the Video On Your Website

Find the SHARE link circled above or on the YouTube website. This is where you’ll click to get the code needed to put the video on your WordPress site or blog.

find embed code to share youtube videos

When you click on SHARE it will open up the EMBED area (see circled above). Below the word EMBED is the code.  It will be highlighted in blue. Simply select “copy” from your computer’s menu and paste this code into the TEXT area of your WordPress site (more on that in the next post!).

Vanessa Wood

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