WordPress for Business is the Number 1 Reason I Use WordPress.org

Wordpress DeveloperI work only with the open-source WordPress software from WordPress.org. I don’t touch the WordPress.com stuff that’s advertised as a “Free” website source because frankly you just can’t adapt it into a WordPress for business website. I’m not talking about customization to make it pretty or to ramp up it’s functionality with plugins (and it’s pretty low on that too!). It boils down to being weak on the business side of business website.

  1. You Can’t Run Ads. That’s right you can’t make money advertising other people’s products or services. If you’re thinking about becoming an affiliate advertiser for Amazon.com – it ain’t happening. If you decide you want make some extra do-re-mi by placing Google Ads on your site — Nope. Not Allowed.
  2. You Can’t Sell a Product. You can’t sell your widgets, golf balls, or books. Even if we’re talking crafts like clay bowls, beaded necklaces, or knitted scarves—you won’t be able to set up a shop or a method of collecting payments. The Sell Products. There is no shopping cart plugin (you’re not allowed to install plugins). That means best you can do is get yourself ANOTHER website where you can collect payments and then direct people to that site. UGH. YUCK.
  3. PayPal is A No-No. Who in their right mind denies the use of PayPal? Well a free WordPress.com website does. If you’re a non-profit (NOT a business) you can have a donation button. That’s it. And if you think Google Wallet would be an alternative… sorry that too and all the other payment services are nixed by WordPress.com.

WordPress.org is the more “benevolent” side of WordPress. They actually do give away the software for free—you get the software and you can use it on your own hosting account and either you or you with the help of a WordPress web designer like Design to Spec, can customize the heck out of the site, and more importantly you can get down to making money with your business website!

I'm Vanessa Wood, web designer and WordPress developer. I was once told there are two kinds of people: chippers and bangers. The bangers tear into things like a buzz-saw and usually leave a wake of "saw dust". A chipper, who happens to be me, takes calculated whacks at a project. Yep, I'm a chipper. It comes through in how I handle web projects and it's revealed in the other details of my life. Follow my blog on Facebook to learn more about chipping away the details of using WordPress for your business website and blog.

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