Technology Goes Everywhere – Is Your Website Ready?

Every once in a while there’s a great example of how fast technology has moved and in what direction it has moved. So I have to share.

The other night I was working late and watching a re-run of an episode of Friends. Joey had made it big on a soap opera and had moved into his own apartment. When he was giving his friends a tour of his new place he proudly showed them the phone on the wall in the bathroom. In the late 90’s the joke was that he had a phone hanging next to the toilet and it was also a luxury. Today the humor is in how antiquated the phone on the wall appear compared to digital phones. Who has a land line anymore? Not only has the design aesthetics changed, but the very core of how we use a phone has rapidly evolved. A phone is no longer a phone as it’s now our computer, camera, and whatever apps you’ve put into service.

We no longer aspire to hang a phone in a bathroom. There’s nothing stationery about our phones! Our smart phones FOLLOW us everywhere.

Our handheld devices include a phone and a host of technology. We’re using these devices not only to watch but to PRODUCE content everywhere… Think Kim Kardashian… of course she did a video shoot in the bathroom putting on makeup!

When was the last time you or a professional looked at your business website to review the technology in play? Is it as clunky as a 90’s wall phone? Or does it perform and attract business from potential clients and customers who use handheld devices— everywhere? Isn’t it time to find out? Design to Spec is offering a free website review to help bring your business into 2017. Contact us before March 1st!

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