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The Top 5 Reasons Mobile Friendly Websites Really Generate More Leads

Design to Spec wants you know why converting to mobile friendly websites is a must because it’s a significant step toward greater lead generation. Mobile ready websites (ie Responsive Websites) can draw more quality visitors to your website and convert visitors

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Love WordPress For Images — It’s Easier For You!

Using images online is easier than ever… you should love WordPress for images. Q. What size image do I need for my WordPress blog? A. The Internet displays photos and images at a lower resolution than you would need for

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Downside of Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin

I’ve been asked again about adding a Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugin is a good solution for the new Google requirements. It’s likely that if you have a customized WordPress theme, a responsive plugin will not produce satisfactory results. This post

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Responsive Web Design Caters to Aging Baby Boomers

Website owners can no longer sit back on the laurels of their older websites. The Baby Boomer generation is unlike the WWII generation—this generation has converted to technology and are using smart phones, tablets, and other handheld devices into their

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WordPress for Business is the Number 1 Reason I Use

I work only with the open-source WordPress software from I don’t touch the stuff that’s advertised as a “Free” website source because frankly you just can’t adapt it into a WordPress for business website. I’m not talking about

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