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Technology Goes Everywhere – Is Your Website Ready?

Every once in a while there’s a great example of how fast technology has moved and in what direction it has moved. So I have to share. The other night I was working late and watching a re-run of an

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How to Put a YouTube Video on WordPress Page or Post

Figuring out where to insert a YouTube video on WordPress is a mixture of art and science. First, you need to use some imagination.  Would the video look better embeded before your post’s text or between a break in paragraphs? In this

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2 Ways to Share YouTube Videos

Before have a 2 a.m. WordPress crisis thinking you can’t post a YouTube video on your blog… there are 2 ways to share YouTube videos and only one of them will work on WordPress. Links to Share YouTube Videos The

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5 Steps to Choosing YouTube Videos for WordPress Blogs

Videos are an entertaining way to communicate what you like and what you want to talk about  on your blog or website. YouTube, Vimeo and other sharing sites can help you add content to your site and show off what

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3 Best Practices for Better Video Blogging

Sunshine and the beach, a yummy burger and fries; there are just some things that go together like a match made in heaven.  When thinking of putting a video on your blog you should never overlook its perfect partner… text!

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