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The Death of FLASH Effects Business Websites

Who’s been warning of the demise of FLASH? Me and everyone else! It shouldn’t be a surprise that FLASH has fallen out of favor in designing websites. What is surprising is the reality of just how invisible a business website

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I ♥ gif: Oxford University Press Picks gif as the word of the year!

It seems like we’re always hearing of a new “word of the year.” Remember back to 2009 when “unfriend” (like on Facebook) was announced by the Oxford American Dictionary as the word of the year? It seems that when a

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Is Flash Dead? — The Significance for the Small Business Website

Today Adobe announced on their blog: Flash is dead. It wasn’t quite that dramatic, but they did announce the development of a Flash player for mobile devices has been nixed.  What does this mean for the small business website? If

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