Skip The Thesauraus For WordPress SEO

Sometimes web writing and creative writing are opposite corners of the SEO battle. It’s may seem like writing with style and flare is the right way to add pizzazz to your website. But in real life it doesn’t sound smart to your readers and even cause web visitors to spend less time on your website it it’s too difficult to read through. The worse part? Well, if you’re highly motivated to use a thesaurus when you write you can end up using words no one would ever search for and tank your SEO.

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SEO Isn’t : You May Think SEO Is One Thing But It Isn’t

I was working on an SEO project and was thinking about what it is and isn’t.

1. SEO isn’t a flip of the switch. Good SEO starts in the structure of a website and flows into the text written for every page. Optimizing a page or an entire website isn’t a quickie add-on but a process that juggles basic HTML, software, writing with measuring and monitoring.

2. SEO isn’t finished with the project. Especially with blogging, each new post need to be optimized with keywords and key phrases. If you want to stay in a good position in the search results, you have to keep up your SEO work.

3. SEO isn’t going to stay the same. SEO is influenced by thousands of sites other than your website. What effects SEO? Here’s a few things: Google’s changes, competing websites, new power-house social media and directory websites, and of course the terms people use to search.

4. SEO isn’t just for websites. Why would you work hard on your website and not pay attention to SEO on your social media accounts?

5. SEO isn’t complicated. Using a good plugin and developing a search-term savvy approach to blog writing will assure that your site will be found.

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WordPress Fonts: It’s All About Font Consistency

One of the best design features of WordPress is that it creates font consistency. I know creative types (and I’m one of them) feel their rebel nature start to boil when they hear the words consistent or consistency. Who wants everything to be the same! However, some consistency, especially on a website, is a very good thing. Having a sameness throughout a website supports your branding, makes your site look professional, and helps to clue web visitors that they’re on the same website from the first page to the last blog post.

With WordPress Fonts Support Your Branding. It’s likely you’ve hired a logo specialist and ordered business cards to create the look and feel of your business. Part of the process was choosing a font or two that you like. This is your branding. Using these fonts in the same style and colors on your website help to unify your business image.

Font Consistency Makes Your Website Look Professional. Do you remember those old-fashioned circus posters with about 20 colors and styles of type? This was the circus’ branding —  a whirl-a-gig of excitement! Big top acts are probably not what you think of when you think of clean, crisp professionalism, so a circus of different fonts probably isn’t going to serve your business well.

Use Fonts to Clue Your Visitor. A web page whose appearance changes from page to page can be confusing for the web visitor. How will they know that they’re on the same site when they click to a new page and it looks different than the last.

WordPress fonts can be set up to use beautiful scripts, and other unique web fonts so there’s no need to be boring– your uniqueness can shine on every page. Using a style sheet as part of the structure means in WordPress fonts are set and they will display the same on every page.


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Chose Clear Words – It’s Good For SEO

meat-and-potatoes-2I first offered up this advice for web writing under the title “Be Specific Get Found” back in 2011 and it’s still relevant today as Google changes it’s algorithm, Bing encroaches on the share of searches, and mobile friendly has become the norm.  6 years later being succinct and clear in when writing blog posts is still important.

When writing text for your business website it pays to choose clear words.  Exact words are more likely to be found by the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.).  Embellishing text with specific terms will result in web content that is rich with searchable words and phrases that web visitors are actually seeking. Avoid flowery language and get to the point… It’s good for SEO. Read more ›

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3 Internet Offers You Really Should Refuse

The snow has melted, the birds are singing, and all the Internet cons are active. This week I’ve heard from clients who’ve received snail-mail and email solicitations. Just so you know, I also get these offers. Without mentioning names, lets break down these “offers” and I’ll tell you why you should avoid them.

Internet Directory
This offer comes in via snail-mail. It looks like a bill, but clearly says on it that it’s not a bill, but a “solicitation”. The offer is that they’ll list your website on their directory to stimulate it getting found online. So lets ask a common sense question: when you’ve used your favorite search engine have you ever been directed to this company’s directory website? Probably not. The offer costs a few hundred dollars and it’s strongly suggested not to be worth that amount.

Domain Registration
Again, this offer is sent via snail mail. It purports that your website’s domain name is about to expire and it’s more advantageous to transfer it from your current registrar to them. This offer looks for website owners who don’t understand that their domain name is registered with a legit company like GoDaddy, Register, etc. and there is no need to move it when it’s time to renew. Moving it to a company that solicits via mail may cost you more than you can imagine– the yearly domain registration may jump 200%! If you move your domain it may not relate back to your hosting account and you’ll lose the ability to see your website online. Ouch!

Search Engine Registration
A client received this offer via email– It states you need to pay for their software to maintain the ease of customers finding your website online.  It looks pretty intimidating, even giving a warning to act before a contrived due date. All search engines send out robots, their own software, that scours the web and caches websites, so your website has already been collected and stored in the search engines and it will be again in future passes of search engine robots.

My best advice (and it’s free). Delete those emails and shred the letters.



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