For Security Update to WordPress 4.7.2

I’ve heard from several clients who’ve been hacked at the beginning of 2017.  These hacking attempts run the gambit — from the installation of malware to the total take down of a website. Who’s behind the hacking– who knows!

There are numerous openings for hacking but one of the top ways to protecting hacking of your WordPress website is to keep the WordPress software updated. If you have GoDaddy WordPress hosting they are doing this update for you so you can relax. If you’re hosting your WordPress site on ordinary GoDaddy hosting or another hosting service, it will need to be updated. If you aren’t sure how to do this give me a call and Design to Spec can set up your site for updates.

Still not sure if your WordPress software is up to date? Log in to your dashboard. The word DASHBOARD is at the top of the page. Find the AT A GLANCE box which by default is in the top left corner of the dashboard page. At the bottom of this box it will tell you which version of WordPress software is in use. The most current is 4.7.2.

If you’d like to know more about WordPress hacking visit Sucuri’s blog (

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