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SEO Isn’t : You May Think SEO Is One Thing But It Isn’t

I was working on an SEO project and was thinking about what it is and isn’t. 1. SEO isn’t a flip of the switch. Good SEO starts in the structure of a website and flows into the text written for

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Blog Post Titles to Impress The Search Engines

Blog post titles should remind you of a great meal.  Putting a title on a blog post isn’t a game to see how many words to jam into one line. It’s your first chance to impress the search engines. Follow these tips

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Mobile Friendly Shows Increase in Site Traffic

There’s some really good news about responsive mobile-friendly websites. It’s performance- an increase in site traffic. I predicted that Google would start

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Quick iPhone Test for Mobile Friendly Websites

This is one of the easiest ways to test for mobile friendly, especially for your own website

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ALL Google Searches Are Encrypted, Not Just SOME Searches

Google’s announced that ALL searches are now encrypted and search parameters will not be shared through any kind of a keyword tool. The word to note is “ALL” because “SOME” searches have been encrypted for quite some time… about two

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