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WordPress Fonts: It’s All About Font Consistency

One of the best design features of WordPress is that it creates font consistency. I know creative types (and I’m one of them) feel their rebel nature start to boil when they hear the words consistent or consistency. Who wants

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Hip Fonts or Design Faux Pas? A Perfect Week For My Inner Design Geek.

Who talks about fonts? Even in my geekiest designer moments I don’t bring up fonts in mixed company. Well, this has been a week when hip fonts were part of the conversation

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Yarn Brain, Good Graphics — So Good Your Head May Itch

This ┬áis a good graphics… so good I had to share. What says “fuzzy” better than yarn? On mornings when I feel like I need that second cup of coffee before the first, I’ll be thinking of a yarn brain!

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Website Forms: Ask It Once to Avoid Redundancy

There’s nothing worse than redundancy in a website. It’s even worse when you’re asking for your web visitor to take their time and provide you with information through a form.

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Where’s Your Phone Number on a Smart Phone?

Smart phones have brought the “the fold” back to the top of the page. Remember a couple years ago there was all the talk about “above the fold” and “below the fold”? The expression refers to

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